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When it comes to golf equipment, we all seek performance improvement and consistency of

outcome. One thing you should refrain from swapping regularly is your golf ball brand.


Miniature Golf Balls
Golf Balls

The ball is the only piece of equipment which you will use for every shot that you hit during a

round of golf.

A golf balls performance variables include changes of:

- Lie of the ball

- Strike

- Temperature

- Weather

- Surface

The golf ball can be affected by the variables mentioned above. For instance, the ball will react

differently when hit from the rough as opposed to the fairway when it hits the green.

Similarly, the ball will be less receptive in both colder conditions and firmer surfaces: Frozen or baked hard surfaces.

With this knowledge of golf ball variables, does it still make sense to add another variable of

changing which ball you use each time you lose one or play poorly with a ball?


Or will changing your ball simply add another variable. More variables means decreased chance of consistency.

Give yourself the best chance of improving and lowering your scores by picking a ball and

sticking with it.

Understandably premium golf balls are expensive, but they are premium for a reason. They

provide the most feedback with being consistent with distance, flights, and spin types. For

example Titleist has ‘drop and stop’ technology – meaning that their golf balls are more

responsive across all surfaces in comparison to a generic ball.

“The Ball that Changed The Ball” – Callaway

“The number one ball in golf” – Titleist

“All shots one ball” – Taylormade

Eliminate variables

Using the same brand of ball week in and week out enables you to eliminate variables such as: carry

distance, control around the greens, speed from of the ball form the putter face. Soon enough

when you hit the ball into the rough, it will seem easier to find as you will be able to know how far it travelled, or how your bunker shot will react from a downslope.

Using the same ball will enable to discover more about your game and the way you play shots.

Control what you can control by eliminating unnecessary variables.


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