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It is inevitable that as golfer’s we will have to play in the rain at some stage. If you’d like to play good golf when in the rain, preparation is key. Having the right equipment and mindset can save you numerous shots.

Firstly, you'll need proper water repellent equipment.

  • A waterproof suit is essential, it will keep you dry and comfortable throughout your round. But remember, the cheaper you buy the less quality you will receive. The quality brands waterproofs are usually GORE-TEX which also means that they are breathable, so you won’t overheat, you will just stay 100% dry. The cheaper waterproofs will not have this capability, so you are likely to perspire when sporting them.

  •  Most golf bags come with a rain cover for your clubs. DO NOT take this out of your bag to make space. You really do not want to get caught lacking without a rain cover to protect your clubs. Without a cover the rain will travel down to the bottom of your bag. When golf grips become wet they are usually very slippery so performance will most likely decrease.

  • On the note of gripping – consider purchasing waterproof gloves if you do not have any yet. Usually always black and a felt style material these grips enable you to retain grip in the worse and wettest of weathers. Very useful in the hot sweaty summers too as you will not need to change gloves.

  • Having waterproof footwear is paramount to good foot health. Golf shoes are rarely 100% waterproof, but you can find seal skin socks/ water proof socks that will protect your feet for the entire round. In addition to waterproof socks, spiked shoes are also a very good performance enhancer in the rain, The short grasses of tee boxes and fairways can become slippery when wet so spiked shoes can help protect you from slipping and hitting a ball or two out of bounds.

  • When playing in the rain, bring an extra towel & glove or two. These can be hung within your umbrella also and towels can be put inside your bag to dry your grips, further protect your clubs from the rain or clean your club face and grips simultaneously.

Always remember that your ball will not travel as far in the rain. The rain will push the ball down as the two contact each other. But also, that the rainwater will interfere with the club face and the ball resulting in less spin so the ball is unlikely to stay in the air as long also. When coming into contact with the ground it is likely that the ball will skid so take note of how far the ball is skidding (from pitch mark to ball finish) as this will help you get the ball pin high when approaching into greens, you can play for the skid. Being able to adjust for the skid will enable you to club correctly and also choose the correct shot. Chipping can be difficult when the ball skids, so being able to factor it in will help improve your wet performances.

Swing it easy in the rain. With the previously mentioned variables it can be harder to maintain consistency. By slowing down your swing and clubbing up you may be able to retain your performance more easily and the round will likely feel like less of a battle against the elements.

In the rain delays are likely, people will be looking for balls and just taking their time, so accept that and have your own plan as to how you will navigate around the course slower than normal. Just try to enjoy it.

Finally, use natures cover to protect your clubs and save your energy. Stay under trees, behind mounds and bushes where able. Just getting to cover can save lots of energy you may need later in the round.

To Sum up:

  • Bring waterproof equipment to help performance.

  • Extra towels will help with staying dry.

  • Consider ball skid *This is paramount*

  • Swing easy

  • Expect delays

  • Natures cover

Fail to prepare prepare to fail:

  • Check the weather before you play

  • Always carry an umbrella

  • Always carry spare gloves or rain gloves in your bag

  • Always use a big towel on your bag,

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13 de jan. de 2023

Great article! If there’s anything I always concentrate on when playing in the rain is hands and grips. So long as they’re dry, I couldn’t care less about myself if I’m not prepared for it. Always keep my mitts in my bad in all reason for that reason!

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