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How to Improve Your Putting Distance Control in Golf

Putting is arguably the most important part of golf, being a good distance putter can enable you to turn a bogey into a par or even birdie. Putting distance control refers to hitting the ball to within a hole-able next shot (Usually within a few feet of the hole). This is a skill that can be developed with practice and an improved understanding of technique. This article, we will discuss some of the techniques that you can implement to improve your distance control when putting and help you sink more putts on the green.



Ensure that you consistently apply your G.A.S.P in the same manner, this will enable you to make more consistent putting strokes. Purely by implementing this strategy you will find that over time you become a more consistent putter. This should also be applied for long game too.



During warming up, you should try putting to the edge of the green also known as the fringe/apron. This takes away the accuracy of the hole and focuses you on the line of the green, which dials in your distance control. Before each round try this method and you can be sure to dial in your distance control a lot faster. Practice Your Putting Speed. Likewise, when your practice your putting, you can use the same method it will most definitely pay dividends to your distance control.


When practicing your putting try a few of these games they will help you dial in your distance control they can also be used for accuracy so it’s a win win.

  • Lag and drag: This game is where you play 9/18 holes on the putting green treating every hole as a par 2. Putt to fairly distant holes and after every putt move your ball back a putter length. Doing this repeatedly will encourage you to hit all of your putts closer.

  • Putt with your eyes closed: Look at the hole and take practice swings then putt with your eyes closed when hitting the shot. This enables you to use pure feeling to get the ball to the hole. This can help your putting as it will enable you to calibrate your distance control.

  • Putt one handed: Play 9 holes on the practice green with your right hand and then 9 holes with your left hand. This will help you dial in your lag putting massively as it will not only identify which hand is harming your distance control. Using each hand separately will show you which hand hits the ball closer.


Experiment with different ball positions for distance putts. You may be able to put the ball towards the middle of your stance if you are searching for a putt that travels further. Additionally, you can lengthen or shorten the length of your swing. Even change the tempo or speed as these variables can change how far the ball travels across the green.



You can also use different parts of the putter face, if you are hitting putts too firm you can also hit putts out of the toe – if you’re tiger woods. This is a method he has used for many years to dampen the ‘springy’ putter face.

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