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The world of golf is alive once again with news circulating about the merger between The PGA Tour, LIV Golf & Dp World Tour. LIV Golf, a premier global golf league founded by the Saudi Arabian Golf Federation, has made massive waves since its inception in recent years, aiming to revolutionise the sport.


The PGA Tour, the most prestigious golf organisation globally, has been at the forefront of professional golf for decades. A merger between these two entities will reshape the entire golf landscape; combining their strengths to create an unparalleled golfing experience at both competition and viewer level. Let's explore how this merger might work and the potential impact it could have.

 1. Expanding Global Reach

One of the primary motivations behind the merger between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour would be to expand the sport's global reach. The PGA Tour has a rich history and a massive following, particularly in North America. Conversely, LIV Golf seeks to establish a significant presence in international markets. They have already heavily funded the Asian Tour ($300 Million). By combining forces, leveraging their resources, broadcasting rights, and existing fan bases; this expansion could monopolise the entire golf sphere thus expanding the sport's appeal worldwide.

 2. Enhanced Player Pool and Competition

A merger between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour would bring together some of the world's best golfers. The PGA Tour boasts a roster of top-tier professionals, while LIV Golf has already attracted a pool of world-class players. The merger would create a larger player pool, leading to heightened competition and thrilling matchups. Fans could witness the clash of titans weekly, generating excitement and driving viewership.

 3. Innovative Formats and Events

Both LIV Golf and the PGA Tour have demonstrated a willingness to experiment with innovative formats and events. LIV Golf's Super Six format, which features six-hole knockout matches, has been well-received, while the PGA Tour are renoun for prestigious events like the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup. A merger would provide an opportunity to blend the best aspects of each organization's event portfolio, creating an exciting and diverse golf calendar that caters to a wide range of fan preferences.

 4. Financial Backing and Sustainability

The merger between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour would bring together significant financial backing. LIV Golf has made substantial investments in golf infrastructure and prize money, attracting both established and up-and-coming players. Meanwhile, the PGA Tour has a well-established sponsorship network and revenue streams and TV rights, ensuring financial stability. By merging their resources, the new entity could create a sustainable model that supports the growth of the sport, benefits players, and enriches the overall golfing experience.

 5. Global Development of Golf

An intriguing aspect of a potential merger would be the opportunity to develop golf in regions with untapped potential. LIV Golf has expressed its commitment to nurturing golf in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East, while the PGA Tour has successfully expanded its footprint into Asia. Meanwhile the DP World Tour has the Euopean market. By aligning their efforts, the merged organization could accelerate the growth of the sport in these regions and others, fostering talent development, infrastructure construction, and grassroots initiatives to engage new audiences.


A merger between the PGA Tour, LIV Golf & DP World Tour has the potential to reshape the golfing landscape, combining their strengths to create an unrivalled golfing experience. By expanding the global reach of the sport, enhancing the player pool and competition, introducing innovative formats and events, securing financial backing, and promoting global development, the merger could set the stage for a new era in golf.

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