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The feud between the PGA & LIV GOLF TOUR’s is one the entire golfing world has stopped to watch. Usually as spectators we tune in to see two of our favourite golfers battle it out for top spot but currently these two whales are in a battle to see whether

New and shiny is better than tried and tested. As it stands, we will have to wait to see if the grass is greener on the other side or whether it's greener where it is watered.

What does LIV mean? LIV It is the roman numerals for the number of holes played at the tournaments.

The PGA Stands for the Professional Golfers association.



LIV GOLF                                                PGA TOUR

12 teams                                                 Individual          

48 players                                              120-156 players

54 holes                                                 72 holes

8 events                                                 2020-21- 50 events

No cuts                                                   2 rounds then cut

Shotgun starts                                       2 tee start


LIV GOLF has proposed some good ideas to the professional game such as shotgun start’s. Although seen as a ‘non-professional’ style of starting a tournament; the positives are that every golfer can be on the course at the same time. If you look at great events like the open championship players can play two completely different golf courses as the tee times are spread out across the entire day meaning that the weather can change a lot and the course may not be in the same condition also due to the high footfall.



  • The PGA TOUR players have contracts to only play PGA TOUR sanctioned events such as the DP world Tour, Latin America Tour etc. But LIV GOLF is not a PGA sanctioned tour as it is a competitor.

  • The LIV TOUR is funded by a PIF (Pubic Investment Fund) which is a wealth fund of Saudi Arabia which as a country like many others has a questionable past due to human rights.

  • Liv have been accused of sport washing. A method used to improve public opinion of the buyers/ owners to change perception through sport. Usually used to hide corruption scandals and poor human rights within governments.

  •  Buying the game. Players have been offered and given life changing amounts of money to make the move to LIV. Moreover, if you finish last you will receive $120,000! YES, LAST PLACE.



Currently The PGA TOUR is the only sheriff in town and its done a fantastic job until now, but LIV GOLF may really have something spectacular in their grasp. One way they can genuinely capture the golfing world without remaining in battle with the PGA is to follow the amazing championships ran in the Formula 1 racing. YES! A CONSTRUCTOR’S CHAMPIONSHIP but instead make MANUFACTURERS CHAMPIONSHIP.

TEAM TAYLORMADE, TEAM TITLEIST, TEAM WILSON, TEAM PING, TEAM PXG and the list goes on. Here the staff/sponsored players from a team like Titleist would represent the manufacturer to see over the course of a season which brand as the best team but who is making the best clubs and equipment. They could also introduce new equipment and attire each week at events from the manufacturers to advertise to the public.


Currently, players are banned from competing in PGA events if they have made the switch to LIV GOLF, but they can still play in Major championships. This is highly interesting as each week another great player seems to make the move to LIV. The latest being Henrik Stenson. Will this mammoth game of tug and war have a winner, or will it end in a stalemate?

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