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Winter golf in the UK can be highly frustrating, particularly when the temperature drops below zero and the big freeze occurs usually between December and early March. With the correct game management, you will be able to navigate your way around the course and manage lower scores.

1. Play for soft spots: Frozen greens bounce somewhat uncontrollably so always try to aim for soft spots or areas which will stop the ball quicker such as into slops or longer grass. Usually found at the front of a green. If you pitch the ball in longer grass areas, the ball will also stop faster as the ground is as frozen in that area due to the soil freezing deeper on greens than on fairways or rough.

2 . Understand the bounce: When your ball interacts with the green it will if anything pick up speed due to excessive bounce. When you play your next frozen round find your pitch mark and then count the distance between your mark and where your ball finishes. This data will help when approaching greens. If the green is 35 yards long and your frozen bounce from pitch mark to ball finish is 25 yards then you now know that you can pitch the ball 10 yards onto the green enabling you to finish pin high. This is very different to the wet winter months where golfers get complacent to pitching the ball next to the hole.


3. Adjust your aim: When the greens are frozen, remember to aim for the fronts or centres of the greens. Try not to get cute and take on flags that are tucked away in the corners of the greens. Remember that if you hit the middle of most greens, you will only have a 30ft two putt. This means that you will have less awkward chips and resultantly, score lower as frozen ground doesn’t affect putting like it does arial shots.

4. Wear spikes: Within modern day golf it’s rare to see people wearing the old-style spikes. But, during the frozen months, everyone should own a pair of spiked shoes. Frozen ground can be very slippery so wearing spikes can help you to hit fully committed shots without the fear of slipping or getting injured.

5. Risk management: Play with caution and always consider the risk of a poor shot rather than always hitting your Sunday best. This will enable you to navigate your way around the course better.

6. Hit more club: When the ball is cold it will not travel as far. Likewise, if you are cold or your clubs are cold there will be less efficiency. Hitting more club can help you be pin high more often.


7.Big bounce: The higher the ball flight the higher the bounce. Eradicate the big random bounce by hitting the ball lower, it’s a lot more consistent particularly when pitching the ball short of the green.


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