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Each short game shot presents a unique challenge. Many golfers approach Pitch & Chip shots the same setup as they do iron shots. However, to achieve success around the greens, it's crucial adapt the setup accordingly. This article will explore why individuals tend to set up for pitch shots the same as they would for iron shots. Although, having different setups can lead to improved outcomes in your short game.

1.  Recognising the Differences:

Within the short game, particularly when pitching may require different techniques in comparison to full iron shots. It's important to recognise that pitch shots demand the need to be adaptable in setup due to the variety of variables such as: distances, required trajectory control and soft landings necessary for success. While the setup for iron shots focuses on power and distance, the short game necessitates: finesse, touch, and precise control. - So set up to the shot infront of you not the shot you want to play.


2.  Adapting Stance and Grip:

 To have versatility in pitch shots, it's essential to adapt your stance and grip. Unlike iron shots, where a wider stance is often preferred for stability, a narrower stance provides better control and adaptability around the greens. Place your feet closer together, allowing for easier weight transfer and manipulation of the clubhead. Adjust your grip as well, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed hold that promotes a lighter touch and feel.


3.  Ball Position and Setup Adjustments:

The ball position plays a critical role in achieving the desired outcome in pitch shots. Many golfers tend to position the ball as they would for an iron shot, but this can result in a similar energy transfer and reduced control. To enhance being more versatile, adjust the ball position slightly back in your stance, closer to your back foot. This adjustment encourages a steeper angle of attack and promotes the necessary spin and soft landing required for successful pitch shots.


4.  Weight Distribution and Tempo:

Having an adaptable pitch shot setup requires a balanced weight distribution and tempo. Unlike iron shots that rely on weight shift and power, maintaining an even weight distribution throughout the swing aids in adaptability and precision. Distribute your weight evenly on both feet/ slightly favour the front foot, allowing for enhanced control and the ability to adjust to varying shot requirements. Focus on maintaining a smooth and rhythmic tempo, promoting a consistent and controlled swing.

5.  Club Selection and Shot Options:

Being adaptable within the short game involves understanding the shot in front of you whilst exploring various shot options. Learn to experiment with different clubs, to optimize control, trajectory, and spin for a range of potential shots. This will expand your shot catalogue through exploring different techniques such as flop shots, bump-and-runs, and specialized pitches. This versatility allows you to adapt to varying lie conditions, green speeds, and pin placements.


6.  Embracing Adaptability through Practice:

To truly excel in the short game, regular practice and an open-minded approach are essential. Embrace the challenge of adapting your setup and technique to suit the demands of pitch shots. Spend dedicated practice time on the chipping and pitching areas of the course, experimenting with different setups, club choices, and shot options. Through consistent practice, you'll develop the versatility and adaptability needed to confidently handle many short game scenarios. Moreover you can practice the shots you messed up in the competition the previous weekend to get highly efficient at playing those shots for when they next present themselves.


The short game requires adaptability and versatility to achieve success. Rather than setting up for pitch shots like iron shots, it's crucial to recognize the differences and adapt your stance, grip, ball position, weight distribution, tempo, club selection, and shot options accordingly. Embrace the challenge of the short game, dedicate time to practice, and develop the adaptability necessary to excel around the greens. With versatility in your setup, you will definitely reap low score rewards.

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