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Friends Playing Golf


If you’re serious about improving your game, then the people you play with/ practice with need to bring the competition!

No, you don’t need to drop your friends because they aren’t playing on tour; but you and your friends should find your own ways of making each shot count. Whether it’s a drink in the bar or bragging rights. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE!


There are loads of different competitive games you can play, especially when practicing, keeping it fun and competitive which we will endeavour to show you in articles over the next few weeks. But first just understand why you need to make things competitive. 


Competitiveness enables you to develop faster as a player, think more clearly and become a better decision maker for when you’re playing in actual competitions. But don’t forget HECKLING and WINNING AT ANY COST. Obviously during competition, you will play strictly within the rules but amongst your friends you can make your own rules up and that’s where the imagination and competitiveness comes together. Whilst your friends are bantering you or reasonably putting you off; your mindset will change, and you will learn to think more clearly under stress and make better decisions. It’s here where you will learn to enjoy pressure situations and understand the importance of focus and making every shot count.


Just as a brief introduction into the importance of playing/ practice partners; try this game next time you’re on the short game facilities. It’s called 21:

  • You each take turns at picking what shot you play; both, the type of shot and which flag you’re going too. 

  • Hit alternate shots to the flag 

  • The nearest ball to the flag gets 3 points 

  • Second nearest 2 points 

  • Third nearest 1 

  • Furthest away 0

  • If you hole the shot its 5 points

  • If you miss the green you can play -1 point.

This is a great introductory into competitive practice and you will soon see how sharp your short game can get as a result of, making every shot count and with deliberate competitive practice.


We will continue each week to highlight different games you and your friends can play to help develop your games!

An Image which is taken from a Tournament Tracker article highlighting how important your playing partners are

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