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Warm up correctly to play better golf

How important is the warmup is at any level. Across the board you will hear about the right stretches, foods to intake and how to focus the mind. But this session will only focus on one genuine game improver. 

Although the warmup is a very personal task, everyone during their journey discovers what works best for them. We have members of our team who’s warmups last 1.5 hours and some that only last 25 mins. However, EVERYONE will usually warm up the same areas of their game just with different amounts of focus on those parts. 

It’s highly likely that you always finish your warmup on the putting green before you tee off. But hypothetically if like most people you putted for 15/20 mins before you play and chip for 15/20 mins before that, it would have been at least 30 mins before you hit your last driver/ long shot.


We putt last in warmup but drive first? Realistically, we aren’t ready to hit the fairway let alone smash the driver off the first tee and get the confidence which will fuel the rest of our round. 


If you struggle with                            the ideal warm up could be: 


-       Putting (get a feel of the speed of the greens and elements)

-       Chipping & Pitching (dial in) 

-       Hitting (recreate your first tee shot on the range then do it again on the first tee) 

-       Putting 5/10 mins (reaffirm the confidence in your putting before you play)

If you do warm up back to front, does it work best for you, or because it’s what everyone else does and you’ve not considered the importance your first tee shot has on the rest of your round?

Try our method and see if your first tee shot/ first hole improves when you next play. Our aim with this post is to find ways to improve not only fast but for life. Let’s start by thinking differently as individuals. 


Warm up before you leave for golf?

At an elite level, nearly all golfers will warm up before they get to the golf course. Warm up methods include:

  • Foam rolling

  • Stretching

  • Light work out

  • Brief run


Everyone can stretch before they arrive at the golf course either at home or in your hotel room. This pre warmup will also help your body prepare for the aggressive movement of the golf swing and help to focus you for when you are on the practice group warming up. Your focus will improve on the practice ground as you will be more focused on the outcome of the ball as opposed to stretching and trying to figure out how you are hitting it on the day.
Foam rolling, and stretching are fantastic ways to prepare your body for physical activity as they do not stress the body but also prevent injury & pulled muscles.


Foam roll stretching


Roll your calves



Lower back sides


Upper back and arms




A good Dynamic stretch includes:


Shoulder mobility

  • Swing your arms in circular motions to encourage a loose joint

Ankle mobility

  • Sit down on a chair and carefully roll the foot to the right and then to the left. This motion will slowly loosen your ankles.

Wrist mobility

With a straight arm extend your fingers to the sky and gently pull your hand backwards to stretch your wrist. Likewise, you should also extend your fingers to the ground and pull the palm of your hand towards you. Additionally with an extended arm palm of the hand to the floor, move your hand side to side smoothly and slowly to further stretch those areas of the wrist.

Neck mobility

  • From a still position carefully move your head forward backwards and side to side. Additionally, you can look left and right slowly.

Hip mobility

  • squatting and lunging will help with mobilising these areas.



Getting off to a good start is a golfer’s dream. Warming up correctly is a way you can give yourself the best chance to play good golf. Find what warm up works for you and implement it each time you play. It will also provide you with more longevity within the sport. If the best players in the world warm up, why shouldn’t you? A warmup can be as little as 15 mins but it can be instrumental in shooting lower scores.


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