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Golf bags come in all shapes and sizes. They go a lot further than a cool pattern or sporting your favourite brand name. Finding the perfect bag for your needs will enable you to always be prepared. Think of it like the camper van you plan on going traveling with. It has everything you need but is still able to be taken anywhere.




  • The most versatile golf bag. Easy to travel with good in most weather.

  • Can be found in waterproof material. 

  • Very easy to manage/ move around and transport.

  • Enough space for 36 holes.

  • Comfortable.




  • Great for a day out or super-hot conditions when you’d like a quick game of golf without the hassle of carrying something weighty.

  • Not much space for the extras. 

  • Very Comfortable. 




  • The clubman’s bag – Not big enough to be a tour bag but looks similar in style and is cheaper and easier to manage. 

  • Good amount of space. 

  • Good in all weather conditions.

  • Realistically can only be used on a trolley. 

  • Enough space for 36 holes.




  • Usually used by Tour players and Elite amateurs. You may find one or two serious dons trying to win their local club championships with one. 

  • Amazing in all-weather conditions.

  • The most space a golf bag provides. 

  • They do look exceptionally good.

  • Trolley use only unless you have a caddy.

  • Enough space for 36 holes. 

Choosing a bag is a very personal choice however most players will have more than one (Collected over a few years). One purchase we feel you would highly benefit from if you’re looking to start tournament play/ always be prepared for any game would be a waterproof carry bag. 


Golf bag picture for what golf bag should you buy/ suits you - a written article for Tournament tracker.

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