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How to improve your golf during the winter

Whilst you’re playing golf this winter you should consider a few things. One being Bounce or rather lack of. Depending on which golf course you play you will see the greens and fairways bouncing differently, particularly when the big freeze happens in January/February you should take note of how much the ball bounces or rather where the soft parts around the green are.

For example, if the greens are frozen you should land the ball short of the green and it will finish on the green more often as opposed to landing the ball on the frozen green. Likewise, when the golf course is saturated, take account of how the ball reacts to the greens, it is likely that the ball will plug if approaching from a high trajectory and it will skid if approaching low into the green.

This means that if you have a back flag, it could be a good idea to skid a ball into the flag. This will enable you to control the ball more as you expect the skid.

Playing good golf in general is a result of preparation and understanding of your own game. During UK winter’s preparation becomes even more important. Give yourself the best chance of performing well by introducing these pieces of equipment into your game.


Although they mostly do the same job, they all enable an increased resistance to winter and the variables that may hinder your ability to enjoy golfing as much.


Waterproof mitts

10/10 – Will keep you dry and warm throughout an entire round. They might seem expensive at first but don’t forget – this is an item which you will unlikely need to buy again. Simply pull them out each winter or whenever it gets cold.

Waterproof socks

10/10 - Will keep your feet dry and warm from the rain and big freeze

Glove In umbrella

10/10 - One of the greatest ways to keep items dry that most amateurs don’t know. Keep your gloves dry and safe during the round and for rounds after.

Breathable waterproofs

10/10 - Will keep you dry and warm throughout the entire round – non breathable waterproofs will condense inside and make you sweaty

Hand warmers

Ranking: 8/10 - Hand warmers will instantly reheat your hands after each shot. You can keep them either in your waterproof pockets or the best place would be inside your mitts, that way you get double heat protection and faster drying.

Two towels

7/10 - One for cleaning the clubs and one for drying your hands and grips

Spare glove

9/10 - If one gets wet you have a spare that will help you keep full grip whilst playing in the rain.

Hot drink

4/10 - Keep the body warm and limber

Waterproof Hat

Keep your head warm and dry to maintain a good body temperature.


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